Remedial Massage Therapist (or RMT) 80 hour Dry Needling Course


Minimum requirement: Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy.

This course has been designed specifically for Remedial Massage Therapists.

The course is a combination of all the L1 & L2 material, as well as extra material that is required to meet Association and Insurance standards.

L1 & L2 practical component must be completed on the same weekend to receive the total hours required to meet CPD and Insurance standards.

On completion of payment, you will be notified via email on course activation instructions.

Course activation will give you access to:

  • Trigger Point charts
  • Research papers
  • Regional anatomy
  • Course notes
  • Dry Needling fundamentals and theory videos that cover all aspects of the theory behind Dry Needling as well as the legislative practical application of Dry Needling in the clinical environment
  • Over 120 practical video demonstrations that cover all osseous, soft tissue and practical demonstrations that are taught in the practical component of the course.

Video access is valid for 12 months.

On course completion you will be issued with Certificate of Completion to use towards CPD and insurance.

Payment plan available on checkout: 10% deposit followed by six weekly payments


This Dry Needling Course for Remedial Massage Therapists has been designed to the meet registration standards and requirements of Associations and Insurers to gain CPD points, insurance, BUT most importantly to be able to needle safely in clinic.

This 80 hour Dry Needling Course meets the standards required by insurers to be legally safe to apply Dry Needling in the clinically setting.

Students, once registered, will begin the online theory component, which utilizes easy to view videos that describe the most important concepts in Dry Needling.

These concepts include the differences between Dry Needling and other professions, the physiology behind Dry Needling, red and yellow flags in Dry Needling, safety standards and expectations in Dry Needling, treatment protocol in Dry Needling etc.

The theoretical section is then followed by a wealth of regional anatomy to prepare the student for the practical component of the Dry Needling Course.

All these sections have mini exams that must be completed to advance to the next part of the series.  This will solidify your learning experience and give you confidence as you enter the practical component of the course.

Online, you will have access to over 120 videos specifically related to osseous, soft tissue and practical demonstrations.

The practical component is made up of just that – practical application.  The practical component of the 80 Dry Needling Course for Remedial Massage Therapists, uses a systematic approach, incorporating knowledge gained in the online component and applying it in the clinical setting.

You can read more about this course here.

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