Dry Needling Courses for Professionals

The Precise Points Dry Needling Courses have been designed for:

who regularly treat simple and complex musculoskeletal conditions in the clinical setting.

This Dry Needling Course is combines online access to theory and relevant anatomical and practical demonstrations, with the practical component.

The practical component has a very strong focus on understanding the relationship between palpation, diagnosis, and safe needling techniques.  Safety in Dry Needling is via an understanding of what is being needled – the structures that lie beneath the skin.

The Precise Points Dry Needling Course combines depth in anatomy with a variety of unique Dry Needling techniques that will give the participant multiple ways to treat a variety of patients within the clinical setting.

The participant’s depth of anatomy will be broadened via the use of research papers and visual demonstrations.  Underlying anatomy explored includes osseous, arterial, neural and muscular structures.  Once the participant has a firm understanding of the underlying anatomy of regional areas, Dry Needling techniques are easier to apply.   Skill and safety in Dry Needling not only includes prepatory protocol, but comes in the confidence that a practitioner has in their anatomical knowledge.

Palpatory skill is built through practice.  However just being able to “feel” a myofascial trigger point, or needling into a specific muscle, is not enough to give a practitioner both confidence and an effective result.  A broader understanding of the specific condition, diagnostic procedures to reach this conclusion, and then the confidence in a practitioner’s knowledge is the skill to efficient, effective and safe Dry Needling.

The Precise Points Dry Needling Course has safely and successfully taught over 3600 students.  Combining all the elements required to be a Dry Needling practitioner, along with an environment where respect and learning is encouraged, makes this Dry Needling Course unique.

Participants who attend this Dry Needling  Course will leave satisfied they have improved their palpation skills, expanded their anatomy, and learnt important and practical skills that can used everyday in clinical space.


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