Dry Needling Courses for Chiropractors

Elevate your chiropractic practice and master the art of dry needling with our comprehensive ACA endorsed course tailored specifically for chiropractors. Designed by an experienced practitioner and educator, this dry needling chiropractors course offers a structured curriculum that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate dry needling into your chiropractic clinic.

This course has been approved for 26.3 hours of CPD by the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA)

The Precise Points Dry Needling Course has designed a Dry Needling Course for Chiropractors that is endorsed and approved by the ACA.  This course has an intimate relationship with Chiropractors, having taught large groups in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as many students from Macquarie University.

This Dry Needling Course has a strong focus on anatomy, palpation, and application. Chiropractors who have attended the course over the years have stated, “It just makes sense”.

The practical nature of the course, small classes and individual attention are all factors that have made this course the most popular Dry Needling Course for Chiropractors in Australia.

On registration you will receive access to 120 video online, research papers and much more.  Becoming acquainted with the material prior to the practical component will make the practical component more enriching.

The L1 & L2 courses will cover the entire body, so that in one weekend you will complete your entire CPD for the year.  In addition you will be able to treat the whole body safely and confidently.

Class sizes are kept to very small groups, so that maximum supervision is maintained.

Dry Needling Courses for Osteopaths FAQs

Yes! This course has been approved for 26.3 hours of CPD by the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA), for L1 and L2.

Attending the L1 and L2 course will give you your entire CPD hours for the year.

Yes! Following completion of this course you will be able to have insurance for Dry Needling.

Currently Dry Needling is covered under Chiropractor’s scope of practice.

I have not attended other courses so I cannot honestly say.

However, when attending a Precise Points Dry Needling Course for Chiropractors you will be more than a number in the room.

The class sizes are kept small, so that individual teaching is maintained.

I will personally observe you, critique and teach you.

We shall revise lots of anatomy, and combine this with your palpatory skills.  Using these two tools, Dry Needling techniques will come quickly as we systematically explore each region of the body.

If you want 30+ people in a class, with 5 assistants who may have been needling for 2-3 years, then this course is not for you.

If you want to be in a small group, where you will receive my 18 years of needling experience in an individual setting, then this course will meet all your expectations and more.

Participants of the Precise Points Dry Needling Course will receive one years membership to the online platform which includes 120 practical demonstration videos, a library of research papers, trigger point manuals, 2 colour manuals for the practical component, a starter pack from the practical component of the course, a 10% discount on your first purchase, lots of anatomy and palpation.

You will receive all my experience and have ongoing support and access to me.

Currently there is not uniform method of teaching Dry Needling.  Courses are built around various schools of thought – of which there are many.

This course is based upon Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling by Ms. Travell and Mr Simons

The focus of my course is anatomy – because as manual therapists we are required to have the best practice knowledge of the body.  This Dry Needling Course has its foundation in anatomy and palpatory skill.

Without these two elements you will be unable to find exactly the correct spot, or have fear in needling an area because you do not understand what lies beneath the skin, what structures are around the area, and what are the consequences of you needling into that area.

The Precise Points Dry Needling Course will empower you with that knowledge; it will provide you with that knowledge so that the anxiety of needling around different parts of the body will be removed.

Yes absolutely!

All the points and areas covered in the course are available for viewing in your own time.  You will be able to observe all the needling from the practical component of the Dry Needling Course, exactly the way you were taught in the class.

Is that a trick question??

This course has been running successfully for over 8 years.  It has been endorsed and approved by multiple associations over that time frame.

Thousands of students have attended this Dry Needling Course over the time period.

Safety is a real thing for me and it should be for you.

However safety does not come from making statements, or flashing equipment around.

Safety comes from knowledge and confidence.

This knowledge and confidence is via understanding anatomy, vascular and neural structures that are located around needling points.

Safety in Dry Needling comes from using the correct technique, as per the area, and understanding what the red and yellow flags are for needling into that particular area.

The Precise Points Dry Needling Course will give you that knowledge and confidence through a systematic learning system.

You will learn to needle the entire body confidently within the course of the weekend, and then be able to review this material once you have completed the course via the online material.


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