Dry Needling Courses – Which is best for me?

Dry Needling courses are conducted over a weekend in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville. You have the option of registering for the combined Level 1 & 2 dry needling course, at a discount, or for individual levels.

Dry Needling Courses are now becoming a large part of post graduation education. In the last 4 years there has been an explosion of Dry Needling Courses to choose from. Choosing the best Dry Needling Course, can be daunting with so much choice. So what is the best Dry Needling Course for me? Currently there is no standardised way to teach Dry Needling for manual therapists. Teaching should be a combination of:

  • The best treatment protocol based upon the research
  • The teachers own learning history and experience.

All Dry Needling Courses should begin with Dry Needling history. This will give the participant an overview into the system being taught. With this foundation for the practical components of Dry Needling can be explored. Courses should include the mechanisms of:

  • What is Dry Needling
  • How does Dry Needling Work
  • What are the Benefits of Dry Needling.

Understanding these concepts will provide the participant with a cerebral framework to being their Dry Needling journey. Establishing a reason for doing what you are doing (in this case Dry Needling) is the first part to creating a treatment protocol as a manual therapist. Once the reason why we are doing, and what we are doing is created then the next factors in the Dry Needling Course can be explored.

Topics that should be covered in the theoretical component of the Dry Needling Course should also include Skin Penetration Regulations, Risks of Dry Needling, Treatment Protocols etc. By establishing a solid theoretical background at the beginning of the Dry Needling Course, the practical component of the Course will be an organic extension in applying the theory of Dry Needling. When choosing which course is best for you, all factors that have been described should be part of your decision. The best Dry Needling Course is the one where your teacher will guide your theoretical knowledge, with the practical skills required to give you the best results in clinic 🙂

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