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Our dry needling courses are designed to empower health practitioners with mastery in the safe and effective application of dry needling techniques.

These transformative skills will revolutionise your approach to patient care, enhancing treatment outcomes and expanding your therapeutic capabilities.

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Dry needling is a technique used by various health practitioners, such as GP’s, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths and Remedial Massage Therapists, to treat muscle pain and myofascial dysfunction.

Our dry needling courses cater to a diverse audience, from recent graduates to experienced practitioners, as well as therapists eager to refine their palpation skills, deepen their anatomical knowledge, and master the art of treating patients both efficiently and effectively.

Mastering Dry Needling can revolutionise your practice, broaden your client base, and significantly enhance patient outcomes. Acquiring the skills to apply this technique safely and confidently will fundamentally transform your approach to patient care.

Our courses are Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of Australia, Osteopathy Australia, Massage & Myotherapy Association of Australia, Massage Association of Australia.

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Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your professional development with our meticulously crafted Dry Needling Courses. Our expert-led sessions are hosted across Australia's vibrant cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Townsville.

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What Past Participants Say

Gino is a great supportive lecturer and the course is well planned and organised; both the online learning and the practical face-to-face components.

The course is very well run and enjoyable. l learned so much from the online and face to face component of the course. Also Gino is very supportive. Thank you

Thank you Gino. Such wonderful teachings. No messing around. And you're so good at installing confidence. I will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone I know looking for a dry needling course. Awesome !!!

Gino's delivery of his Dry Needling course was excellent - thoughtful, practical, to the point and informative. Often there are conflicting thought processes or biased approaches to treating patients when looking from individual health modalities, Gino removed any bias however focusing on the delivery of sound knowledge to improve one's skills

Excellent course. Very well presented and instructed by Gino who is very knowledgeable. Feel confident to apply these new skills in clinical practice right away.

Fantastic course!!! Highly recommend it to any practitioner even if they've been dry needling for a while. Thank you for a great and very informative weekend course.

Amazing course, highly recommend to anyone. Gino is full of knowledge and experience, found 3 days very practical, ready to needle tomorrow

Great course with so much practical and theoretical knowledge from a highly experienced therapist.